Spokane Christian Academy provides full academic and spiritual instruction for preschool through 8th grade. Located in Spokane, Washington.

Enrichment Activities

Praise & Worship:

Most things we do on this earth will not continue once we reach heaven, but praise & worship will always remain. At SCA we are privileged to start each day with corporate worship, prayer, flag salute, and circle time. Using student leadership, we practice exuberance and reverence as we invite God into our school day.


We believe music is a gift from God and the appreciation of music begins at a very young age. Educational concepts are often taught through music and the repetition of words to music promotes memorization skills. Music also provides creative expression to the goodness of God. Each of our classes enjoy two 30 minute classes of music instruction each week. Students are taught basic music theory and vocal music. These class sessions produce songs for Grandparents Breakfast, Veteran’s Day Assembly, Christmas Musical, and Spring Harmonic Festival.

Physical Education:

We believe physical education plays an important role in providing a balanced education for each student. Our physical education teaches and promotes the foundation for healthy living. Each of our classes participate in two 30 minutes classes of PE each week. Students are taught basic sports rules and participate in simple physical fitness activities. Each spring our students participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.


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