Spokane Christian Academy provides full academic and spiritual instruction for preschool through 8th grade. Located in Spokane, Washington.

School Closures

Occasionally, weather conditions cause changes in our ability to open due to severity and extremely dangerous road conditions. If we feel a change in the schedule is necessary because of severe weather conditions, we will have the message announced as quickly as possible on KXLY 920 AM. A call will be made to radio and television stations prior to 6:00 a.m. by the school administration. If it begins to snow after students have arrived at school and childcare, tune to KXLY 920 AM for early dismissal announcements should road conditions pose a threat.

Again, we will close only if weather and road conditions pose a threat to the safety of our families, children and employees.

Coral Perrigo will call parents for the academy and Cyndi Lentz for the childcare facility to notify them of early closures. If parents cannot be contacted, the approved emergency contact person will be called. The school and daycare staff will care for the child until the parent or legal guardian or emergency contact can safely claim the child. If a parent or emergency contact person is unable to claim a child, the director will be notified and a decision made at that time who will stay until communication is made. The disaster supplies will be used as needed. An incident report will be completed and a copy sent to our licensor. Disaster Incident Reports are kept in the Director’s office in the Crisis/Disaster Response Handbook.

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